Is Dragon Fruit Safe For Babies?

From the age of about 4 to 6 months, babies are ready to start eating solid foods. Fruit puree would make a good first choice: it is easy to digest and doesn’t require chewing. Can dragon fruit be a healthy choice for your baby?

Dragon fruit is a safe and healthy choice for babies 6 months and older. The tropical fruit is packed with essential nutrients that are good for your baby. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants like beta-carotene.

The best way to feed your baby dragon fruit is in the form of puree. That way, the nutrients are easier to digest and no chewing is required. To make dragon fruit puree, crush and mash the fruit and make sure no fruit lumps are left.


Is Dragon Fruit Harmful For Kids?

In moderation and mixed with a variety of fruits, dragon fruit won’t be harmful to babies or young kids. Daily consumption of dragon fruit might cause some stomach irritation due to its relatively high fiber content.

Some sources claim that stomach irritation is caused by the supposed high acidity of the fruit. This claim is incorrect: a dragon fruit is, in fact, only neutral to mildly acidic (after all, they aren’t citrus fruits). Only the high fiber content might impact the bowel movements of your child.

Children suffering from Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) should completely avoid the consumption of dragon fruit. The rare allergic symptoms include immediate tongue swelling, skin rashes, and vomiting.


Dragon Fruit Seeds Are Safe For A Baby

Some parents are worried about the risk of the many little black seeds in dragon fruit. The seeds are completely harmless and safe for consumption. The fatty omega 3-acids in the seeds will actually have some health benefits.

The seeds are not poisonous, and will generally pass through the gut to be pooped out whole. This is completely normal, and will even help promote a regular bowel movement.

Compare them to the little black seeds in a kiwi — these have similar health benefits and can also safely be consumed. There’s no need to remove them, your baby can easily swallow them without the need for chewing.


Baby Constipation: Can Dragon Fruit Help?

Dragon fruit is a natural remedy against constipation problems in humans of any age (adults and babies), due to its relatively high water and fiber content. Dragon fruit seeds will also have a mild laxative effect.

At the same time, the tropical delicacy is likely to make a baby gassy, especially when it is not accustomed yet to the high fiber intake.

While it should not be used as medication by any means, incorporating dragon fruit into the daily diets of a baby will make a difference in improving the balance in the gut. It is a healthy way to promote probiotic growth and help with a healthy poop routine.


Introduce Dragon Fruit In A Baby’s Diet

Next to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, dragon fruits (together with other types of soft fruit) are one of the first solid foods a parent should introduce into a baby’s diet.

Be warned that fresh fruits rot easily. Keep fruits in the fridge to make sure they stay fresh longer. Look out for possible signs of rot in the dragon fruit. Brown color and lack of firmness are the first signs. When in doubt, don’t risk it and throw the old fruits away.

The optimal way to introduce this food is in the form of a puree — crushing the fresh edible flesh to a pulp. Red dragon fruit is generally the popular choice for young children, since the white dragon fruit variety has a less sweet taste.


Red Dragon Fruit Chopped
Red Dragon Fruit is probably the most delicious variety for babies


How To Serve Dragon Fruit Puree To A Baby

When a dragon fruit is ripe, cut the fruit in four quarters, and remove the edible flesh from there. Make sure to separate the flesh from the pink skin. Crush up the removed flesh in a blender to make a puree.

Once the blended dragon fruit pulp has become smooth (without chunks), serve the fresh puree immediately. Feel free to add other chopped fresh fruits to the puree while blending, such as banana, apple, mango, or melon.

After creating the puree, you can feed it directly to your baby. You can vary with this healthy treat by adding some yogurt. That will surely get your baby to want more. Enjoy, and make sure to share this healthy dragon fruit snack idea with others!