Is Dragon Fruit A Good Laxative For Constipation?

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or pitahaya, is rich in water and fiber. It also contains a lot of seeds. These characteristics help make the fruit a good natural laxative.

Eating dragon fruit will have a mild laxative effect. This means that it helps relieve constipation and promotes good bowel movements. Both the edible flesh and seeds contribute to a healthy poop routine.

Since dragon fruits are a natural laxative and not a medicine, always make sure to consult a medical professional in case you’re dealing with any health problems.


Is Dragon Fruit A Good Laxative?

Dragon fruit is a mild natural laxative, mainly because it contains a good amount of water and fiber. The seeds of the pitaya are also known to have a small laxative effect.

Consuming the fruit should rather be seen as a preventive measure against constipation or diarrhea. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables generally helps promote a healthy gut microbiome.

Remember that food is not medicine. If you’re looking for an effective remedy against constipation, ask your doctor to prescribe some pills. A healthy diet with fibrous fruits can help prevent gut problems, but generally won’t solve existing medical conditions.


Fruits That Make You Poop

Other fruits might have better laxative properties than dragon fruit. Dried fruits like dates, figs, prunes, apricots, and raisins are commonly cited as major sources of fiber. These alternatives are known to be more effective than dragon fruit for constipation relief.

For people that are used to a low-fiber diet, it might be problematic to take foods with high fiber content. Stomach discomfort is a common side-effect of taking fibrous fruits if you’re not used to them.

Drink a lot of water and gradually build up your daily fiber intake to ease your body into a healthy poop routine. That will not only help prevent constipation, but it is likely to make you feel better overall. Eat your fibers in the morning for optimal performance!

Dried Apricots Prunes
Dried apricots and prunes might be a more effective laxative


Does Dragon Fruit Make You Gassy?

Dragon fruit is likely to make you gassy after a meal. Fruits will digest relatively fast compared to other foods. This can cause fermentation during digestion, resulting in a bloated feeling and passing excess gas.

If you choose to eat some as a snack, a similar situation might occur. If you happen to deal with a constipation problem, this can help ‘speed things up’. However, it is more likely that you’ll simply have more stomach pains and can’t pass the gas properly.

This is exactly why it is better to find a professional medical solution to your stomach problem. Constipation combined with gas can create great discomfort and should be dealt with seriously and swiftly.


How Long Does Dragon Fruit Take To Digest?

On average, it takes about 30 to 40 hours to fully digest most types of foods, including dragon fruit. It is possible to speed up digestion by drinking plenty of water and eating fiber-rich foods.

As every individual is different, digestion time might be completely different for your personal situation. There are many factors that can impact the speed of digestion, including but not limited to:

  • Dietary choices
  • Water intake
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep patterns
  • Pre-existing medical conditions


Can You Eat Dragon Fruit Every Day?

Dragon fruit can be eaten every day as part of a healthy and balanced diet. It is recommended to consume high-fiber foods such as dragon fruit in the morning. This is when the digestive system is most efficient at breaking down the sugars.

Incorporating high-fiber fruits into your breakfast will help with promoting a healthy microbiome in the gut, which could help prevent problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

Do be aware of the fact that the pink-white tropical fruits contain a lot of sugar. This means that it is extra important to maintain a daily teeth hygiene routine. Since dragon fruits are essentially non-acidic, you only need to worry about the effect of sugars on your teeth.


Dragon Fruit As A Laxative

While it is common knowledge that high-fibrous fruits can help you poop, they are still foods. If you’re dealing with any type of stomach problem, reaching into the fruit bowl won’t solve your existing constipation.

Instead, view the tropical pink fruit as part of a healthy, balanced diet. It’s a tool of prevention, of creating the best possible microbiome in your gut. That way, it will be less likely for stomach problems to emerge. And it will be more likely that you pass your stool daily.

It is completely safe to store dragon fruit in the fridge for several days, which is true for most ‘laxative fruits’. So feel free to stock up on some of nature’s wonders and create a nice little daily morning basket for yourself.