6 Obvious Signs Your Watermelon Is Overripe

Watermelon Overripe Signs

Are you unsure if your watermelon is ready to eat, or overripe? The signs of a watermelon gone bad can be subtle at first, and become increasingly obvious as the fruit starts to rot. We will outline the most common fruit rot symptoms in this overview. Proper storage can prolong the amount of time you … Read more

How Acidic Is Watermelon?

Watermelon Acidic Alkaline

Melons are generally considered very mild fruits, mainly because of their high water content. Watermelon is probably the best example of this, but it’s surprisingly also one of the more acidic melon varieties, with a relatively low pH value compared to other well-known melon types. According to Clemson University, the average watermelon has a pH … Read more