How Much Do Raspberries Cost?

How Much Raspberries Cost

Even when shopping at large chains like Costco or Walmart, a raspberry will not be cheap. The costs of fresh raspberries are determined by a range of different factors, but generally stay within a specific price range. In the USA, according to Walmart, fresh raspberries cost $5.98 USD for 12 oz (about $0.50 USD per … Read more

Here’s Why Your Raspberries Will Sometimes Taste Sour

Raspberry Sour

You bought or grew some raspberries and they taste sour. Is this really the flavor that these pink berries should produce? You could swear they used to taste sweet and tart instead. Sour-tasting raspberries are generally the result of the way in which the raspberry shrub was (un)able to put energy into the fruit. Without … Read more

How Acidic Are Raspberries?

Acidic Raspberries

Almost all foods are somewhat acidic, with a pH level below the neutral value of 7. It’s rare to find alkaline foods, especially in the fruit realm. For raspberries, the acidity is relatively high compared to some other fruits, comparable to the acidity of a strawberry. On average, the acidity of raspberries can vary between … Read more

Do Seedless Raspberries Exist?

Seedless Raspberries

Some people don’t realize this, but raspberries are not seedless. All raspberries are composed of small sections called drupelets, each of which contains a single seed. On average, a raspberry has about 100 seeds, one for each drupelet. While some raspberry products are sold as ‘seedless’, no known varieties exist that do not contain seeds. … Read more

Those Little Raspberry Hairs Are ‘Pistils’, Here’s What They Do

Raspberry Hair

Ever noticed those little hairs on a raspberry? They’re not exactly hair, but the leftovers of the flower. The hairs are likely to serve an important purpose in protecting the fruit. Some might call them styles, but that’s not the official name for them. According to the North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association (NARBA), the … Read more