About HomeGuppy

Welcome to HomeGuppy.com, the website that talks about cooking, food pantries, and storing perishable items! My name is Arnold, and I’ve just moved out and settled into a new home. That means there are a lot of things to learn about cooking and storage.

You’re welcome to learn with me as I explain to you all the things I’ve discovered.

Since I’ve got a passion for fruits (see what I did there!), that’s the first theme I’d love to cover. As I learn new things about food, cooking, and how to create a high-quality pantry, I’d be happy to share these things on my blog here.

Hope to see you around, and feel free to let me know if my content helped you in some way. I’m always looking to improve the things I write about and love to help others on the internet as well. Talk to you soon!


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