3 Best Ways To Ripen Strawberries Faster

Ripen Strawberries Faster

Nothing is more delicious than juicy, perfectly ripe red strawberries. But how do you ripen strawberries faster, so you can enjoy them sooner? There are a few techniques, even when the fruit is already picked. In general, the best way to ripen strawberries faster is to spread the fruits out on a paper towel and … Read more

How Acidic Are Strawberries?

Strawberries Acidic

Fruits are rarely alkaline, they are considered acidic foods. Strawberries are no different. A strawberry has a relatively low pH value, which is the indicator for measuring acidity. The lower the pH levels are (a scale between 0 and 14), the more acidic the food tends to be. For comparison’s sake, water has a pH … Read more