This Pink-Purple Banana Really Exists — And Its Delicious

Pink Purple Banana Fruit Musa Velutina

Bananas are yellow and curved, we all know that. But what if I told you there is a (very tiny) pink-purple banana variety as well? And what if I told you it’s absolutely delicious? The Musa Velutina is a species of edible wild banana with a distinct pink-purple color. The fruit is also known as … Read more

Which Fruit Is Orange Outside And Pink Inside?

Fruit Pink Inside Orange Outside

You found a fruit that is orange on the outside and pink on the inside. But what could it be? There are a wide range of pink fruits that could fit this description, but it is most likely a citrus fruit variant. The Cara Cara Orange is a citrus fruit that is characteristically orange on … Read more

Which Fruit Is Both Green And Pink?

Green And Pink Fruit Guava Red

There are only a few widely available fruits that have a green outside and pink inside. If you’re wondering what exotic fruit you found, this overview will help solve the mystery. The common guava (Psidium guajava) is an apple-shaped fruit with green skin on the outside and pink flesh on the inside. There are also … Read more

Which Fruit Is Both Pink And White?

Pink And White Fruit Dragon Red

You have discovered a strange-looking fruit with an outside that is distinctly red or pink. The inside is white and filled with black seeds. But what is the name of this juicy, exotic fruit? The Selenicereus undatus, or pitaya blanca, is the only dragon fruit variety with a pink outside and white inside. Other dragon … Read more