Which Fruit Is Orange Outside And Pink Inside?

You found a fruit that is orange on the outside and pink on the inside. But what could it be? There are a wide range of pink fruits that could fit this description, but it is most likely a citrus fruit variant.

The Cara Cara Orange is a citrus fruit that is characteristically orange on the outside and pink on the inside. As the Cara Cara Orange ripens, the pink color of the edible flesh gradually turns red.

Usually, the Cara Cara Orange is used to press juice, or the fruit is mixed into smoothies. But it can also be eaten as is. Consuming this fruit is no different from other citrus fruits. Peel away the rind and remove the parts inside. These are naturally divided into sections.


Fruit With Orange Outside And Pink Inside

Pink fruits might be uncommon, but there are more species out there than you might think. From the pink-white dragon fruit to the green-pink guava — there is plenty of pink in the natural world!

And we get it: it can definitely be true that you weren’t looking for a Cara Cara at all. If your fruit does not resemble the Cara Cara orange, it is likely a similar-looking citrus fruit. We will briefly go over all the options below.


1. Cara Cara Orange

The Cara Cara Orange (Citrus sinensis) is a type of navel orange, first discovered in the South American country of Venezuela. These days, most of the produce is grown in the state of California (USA). The fruit is harvested between the months of December and April.

Despite their mild sour taste, citrus fruits like the Cara Cara Orange are definitely pink on the inside. The flavor will have undertones of rose petal, cherry, and blackberry. These oranges are sweeter than grapefruit.

The unique pink flesh of the Cara Cara Orange is rare in the world of citrus fruits. The pink color is created by an organic pigment called carotenoid lycopene — an antioxidant that is also found in tomatoes.


2. Grapefruit

Grapefruit Orange Outside Red Inside

The Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is a citrus fruit that has a lot of similarities with the Cara Cara Orange. Flavor-wise, grapefruits are less sweet than Cara Cara Oranges. The taste is essentially a combination of pomelo and sweet orange.

When it comes to color, the flesh of grapefruit will look more red than pink. Especially when the fruit has ripened, the red color is clearly apparent. Other differences include the thicker peel and higher tartness and sourness of the flesh.

Grapefruits are found in supermarkets all over the world, but originate from the Caribbean island of Barbados. That doesn’t mean that the fruit is produced there, that honor would go to China.


3. Blood Orange

Blood Orange Bleeding Fruit

The Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis) or Red Orange is fruit the same group of fruits as the Cara Cara, but they are clearly different. Its slightly scary name refers to the blood-like appearance of the flesh inside, which commonly leaks out into the rind.

Blood oranges are clearly redder than the pink Cara Cara Orange. They are less tangy than regular oranges, and have a more floral, tart flavor to them. The taste is a mix of grapefruit and Cara Cara.

It is clear that these three citrus fruits are very closely related. The pinkest citrus fruit in our overview is definitely the Cara Cara fruit, while the reddest citrus fruit is the Blood Orange.

Featured image adapted from: Wikimedia Commons