Do Seedless Raspberries Exist?

Seedless Raspberries

Some people don’t realize this, but raspberries are not seedless. All raspberries are composed of small sections called drupelets, each of which contains a single seed. On average, a raspberry has about 100 seeds, one for each drupelet. While some raspberry products are sold as ‘seedless’, no known varieties exist that do not contain seeds. … Read more

Those Little Raspberry Hairs Are ‘Pistils’, Here’s What They Do

Raspberry Hair

Ever noticed those little hairs on a raspberry? They’re not exactly hair, but the leftovers of the flower. The hairs are likely to serve an important purpose in protecting the fruit. Some might call them styles, but that’s not the official name for them. According to the North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association (NARBA), the … Read more

5 Little-Known Uses For Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Uses

The exotic dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) isn’t just a tropical delicacy. The fruit has many uses, some of which might surprise you. This overview discusses the three most important ones. Dragon fruits can be used for several cosmetic purposes, usually for treating acne, or as an after-sun skin treatment. The mild laxative effect … Read more

Is Dragon Fruit Juice Good For You?

Dragon Fruit Juice

The healthy properties of dragon fruit cannot be denied. The fruit also known as pitaya is more popular now than ever — especially in drinkable form. But dragon fruit juice isn’t as good for you as the whole fruit. Here’s why. In general, dragon fruit juice is less healthy than whole dragon fruit because of … Read more

Freeze Dragon Fruit: Not Always A Great Idea

Should You Freeze Dragon Fruit

If you want to store your fresh dragon fruit longer, the freezer might seem like a logical place to start. While it can be done, it’s not always a great idea to freeze your pitayas. Freezing dragon fruit seriously affects the consistency of the edible flesh, and will also negatively affect the taste of the … Read more

Dragon Fruit Seeds Are Edible (And Might Be Good For You)

Dragon Fruit Seeds

A good amount of dragon fruit flesh consists of tiny black seeds. Just like the small seeds in a kiwi, these are perfectly edible, and might actually be good for you. According to the World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, dragon fruit seeds contain a lot of healthy fatty acids such as Omega-3 and … Read more

Yellow vs. Red Dragon Fruit: 8 Key Differences

Yellow vs Red Dragon Fruit Differences

Between white, red, and yellow dragon fruit a lot of differences exist. The tropical delicacy also known as pitaya has many different colors, flavors, and health benefits. This overview will compare yellow with red dragon fruit. In another overview, we looked at the differences between white and red dragon fruit. Let’s explore the interesting facts … Read more

Red vs. White Dragon Fruit: 5 Key Differences

Red vs White Dragon Fruit Differences

While white dragon fruit (pitaya blanca) is a lot more common, the red dragon fruit (pitaya roja) is definitely worth a try. The two varieties are fundamentally different in many ways. This overview will explain the most important differences between the two species in more detail. If you’re interested in the difference between the red … Read more

How Much Does A Single Dragon Fruit Cost?

Dragon Fruit Cost How Much Single

Dragon fruit (or pitaya) is a relatively expensive tropical fruit. The cost of a single dragon fruit will differ depending on where and when you buy them, and it will also matter which variety you want. In the USA, a fresh white dragon fruit costs $5.98 USD at Walmart. However, the price of a single … Read more

When Is Dragon Fruit In Season?

When Dragon Fruit In Season

When fruit is seasonal, it means it is primarily harvested during a specific time of the year. For dragon fruit (also known as pitaya), harvesting season does not impact the availability of the fruit. Dragon fruit is in season during the summer, from June to September. The seasonality of fresh dragon fruit does not impact … Read more