3 Best Ways To Ripen Strawberries Faster

Ripen Strawberries Faster

Nothing is more delicious than juicy, perfectly ripe red strawberries. But how do you ripen strawberries faster, so you can enjoy them sooner? There are a few techniques, even when the fruit is already picked. In general, the best way to ripen strawberries faster is to spread the fruits out on a paper towel and … Read more

6 Obvious Signs Your Watermelon Is Overripe

Watermelon Overripe Signs

Are you unsure if your watermelon is ready to eat, or overripe? The signs of a watermelon gone bad can be subtle at first, and become increasingly obvious as the fruit starts to rot. We will outline the most common fruit rot symptoms in this overview. Proper storage can prolong the amount of time you … Read more

How Acidic Is Watermelon?

Watermelon Acidic Alkaline

Melons are generally considered very mild fruits, mainly because of their high water content. Watermelon is probably the best example of this, but it’s surprisingly also one of the more acidic melon varieties, with a relatively low pH value compared to other well-known melon types. According to Clemson University, the average watermelon has a pH … Read more

How Acidic Is Dragon Fruit?

Dragon Fruit Acidity

While most fruits are relatively acidic, dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) leans more on the alkaline side. While the tropical fruit does contain a limited amount of acid, the pH level of the tropical fruit is surprisingly mild. On average, dragon fruit has an acidic pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0. Dragon fruit (or … Read more

How Acidic Are Strawberries?

Strawberries Acidic

Fruits are rarely alkaline, they are considered acidic foods. Strawberries are no different. A strawberry has a relatively low pH value, which is the indicator for measuring acidity. The lower the pH levels are (a scale between 0 and 14), the more acidic the food tends to be. For comparison’s sake, water has a pH … Read more

How Acidic Are Grapes?

Grapes Acidic

Most fruits are acidic instead of alkaline, and that includes the commonly found varieties of grapes. This means they are low in pH level, which could impact specific groups of people. According to a comparative study by Clemson University, seedless grapes are very acidic fruits with an average pH level between 2.9 and 3.82. Concord … Read more

How Acidic Are Blueberries?

Blueberries Acidic

Some fruits are more acidic than others, but practically none are considered alkaline (pH >7, softer than water). Blueberries are fruits with a higher than average acidity, comparable to the acidity level of raspberries, grapes, and grapefruits. According to Clemson University, the pH of blueberries varies from 3.12 to 3.33. This would make blueberries a … Read more

How Much Do Raspberries Cost?

How Much Raspberries Cost

Even when shopping at large chains like Costco or Walmart, a raspberry will not be cheap. The costs of fresh raspberries are determined by a range of different factors, but generally stay within a specific price range. In the USA, according to Walmart, fresh raspberries cost $5.98 USD for 12 oz (about $0.50 USD per … Read more

Here’s Why Your Raspberries Will Sometimes Taste Sour

Raspberry Sour

You bought or grew some raspberries and they taste sour. Is this really the flavor that these pink berries should produce? You could swear they used to taste sweet and tart instead. Sour-tasting raspberries are generally the result of the way in which the raspberry shrub was (un)able to put energy into the fruit. Without … Read more

How Acidic Are Raspberries?

Acidic Raspberries

Almost all foods are somewhat acidic, with a pH level below the neutral value of 7. It’s rare to find alkaline foods, especially in the fruit realm. For raspberries, the acidity is relatively high compared to some other fruits, comparable to the acidity of a strawberry. On average, the acidity of raspberries can vary between … Read more